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Project Repair /
Assistance with Troubled Projects

ArcPATH Project Delivery offers assistance with projects having difficulties. Projects in distress often occur because of a breakdown in communications between the various team members leading to a loss of project continuity.

At ArcPATH we turn problems into solutions. We know how to work with the existing team to build consensus and solve your problems.

We manage problem areas such as:

  • Over-Budget Projects

  • Unresolved Change Orders

  • Behind Schedule Projects

  • Municipal Roadblocks

  • Under-Manned Projects

  • Lack of Clear Communication

  • Multiple Contract Coordination and Closeouts

  • Punch List Resolution

  • Non-responsive Project Participants

  • Inadequate Documentation

Services include:

  • Project evaluation and strategy development

  • Budget review and recommendations

  • Comprehensive schedule analysis

  • Project team coordination

  • Identification of issues and development of resolutions

At ArcPATH Project Delivery, project repair is a specialty.

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